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Herb from Colorado Springs, Colorado..."Thank you for a fantastic Lhasa Apso puppy. Caryn bonded with me immediately and enjoys other people as well. Her personality is perfect – assertive, but not aggressive – appreciates attention, but does not constantly demand it – inquisitive about everything, but stops when told to – sleeps at my feet when I need to do some desk work - goodness, things are just as they should be with this great puppy. Your characterization of her was right on. Kooskie Kennels deserves special commendation for working out the convoluted air travel required – it worked perfectly. Papers were all in order. My vet was very impressed with Caryn and said ‘now this makes me want to get a new puppy’. Everyone loves Caryn. I thank you for adding this genuine joy to my life."

Kevin (MD & CEO) from New York City..."I searched high and low for a black Lhasa Apso female and found her at Kooskie Kennel's web site.  They were great to work with, immediately starting to call our new puppy by the name we chose and sending us weekly pictures until she was old enough to travel by air to her new home.  I chose to fly out to pick her up, even though they offered to ship her.  They met me at the Jackson Hole airport to save me time and travel.  And when they arrived with Punkin in hand, all of her paperwork was fully organized and completed.  I could tell immediately that she had been raised with tender loving care, because she loved right up to me without any fear, and she traveled perfectly with me in the first class airplane cabin without any messes or problems for a five-hour flight.  And since I got home with our new baby, Kooskie Kennels has checked up on Punkin several times to make sure she was in a good home, and that she and we were all happy with our new family members. I wouldn’t hesitate at all to recommend Kooskie Kennels to anyone, and I plan to return to them for my next addition to the Smith clan."

John from Boston..."I just wanted to drop you a quick line to THANK YOU so much for helping me find the perfect Pug for my family. Our Pug, Reece, is one of the prettiest dogs that I have ever met. I was so impressed by the fact that you were able to get Reece on a plane from Idaho and flown to Boston within 24 hours of our purchase. Reece was everything you promised; Clean, cute and well behaved, clearly coming from a well bred family. Additionally, all of the documentation was in order, which made my life quite a bit easier!! I also was impressed by the fact that the travel cage that came with our purchase was a top notch cage, not a cheap imitation. I would highly recommend Kooskie Kennels to anyone looking to find the perfect dog for their family. Thanks again for everything.. I'll be spreading the word back East and when Reece wants a friend, I'll be calling you back up."

Rod & Vickie from Orem, Utah..."We are thrilled with our Lhasa Apso puppy! She is smart, brave, sweet, and has a great personality. We can tell she was well loved and taken care of prior to our purchase. We were impressed with the kennel when they checked to see if she arrived safely and all was well. Our veterinarian really liked her. We would recommend Kooskie Kennels without hesitation. Thank you."

Mike & Jeneal from Roy, Utah..."I just wanted to drop a line and tell you how much we love our puppy. He is so good natured and such a happy puppy. He gets so excited to play with kids. I had my reservations about getting a dog before my other dog passes away, but this is the best thing I have done and you raise really good pups. He was born on January 23, and you delivered him to us in Roy on March 7th. I'm really glad I got to meet you and I just want to thank you for going the extra mile with your dogs."

Terry from Chicopee, Massachusetts..."Our new puppy is wonderful. He came to us healthy and happy just as a puppy should be (it's a miracle too, since he flew over 10hrs to get to us!) I would recommend Kooskie Kennels to anyone looking for a lhasa pup! They are well cared for and raised around children and adults so they are simply sweet and lovable when you get them home. Hats off to Kooskie Kennels!"

June from New York City..."Thank you for Ricky and Rocky. They arrived in New York in very clean condition and were very excited to see me. They are adorable Shitzus and each has a terrific personality. They have already taken over the house after only a few hours. They play, sleep, eat and run together. I’m glad I got both. I have two 5 year old girl Shitzus and they are always together too. The two big girls look at the two little boys running around and can’t figure out what they are. I’m very glad to have bought my two puppies from your kennel."

Melissa from Ontario, Canada..."I bought my Lhasa Apso "Cash" from Kooskie Kennels and it was a pleasure all the way. Right from the beginning, I was absolutely impressed by their speedy responses to my NUMEROUS questions. Bree and the Staff of Kooskie (Kennels) sent me pictures as my pup matured until he was ready to come to me. They literally bent over backwards to arrange the shipping of him directly to me. I appreciate the professionalism I experienced with them and I will definitely be a return customer. Cash is a loveable pup and has warmed the hearts of my entire family, not to mention the neighborhood kids. He was easy to train and adapted to his new home right away. I love him and look forward to a long life together. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!"

Maggie & Dave from Massachusetts..."We are thrilled with our male shih tzu puppy, Barkley. He is well behaved and has the sweetest disposition. We couldn't be happier with the newest member of our family! Even after his long flight to Massachusetts, he was playful and pleasant. We would recommend Kooskie Kennels to anyone!!""

Jay & Debi from Southern California..."We would highly recommend Kooskie Kennels if you even have a thought of buying a Lhasa Apso. Very professional from the start. Sends pictures of your puppy during the waiting period for pick-up, and answers any questions you might have on your puppy. When I picked up my puppy in Las Vegas, he was the most beautiful looking puppy. I know we all say that about our puppy. I took him to the vet 2 days later and got a perfect bill of health. All the papers, shots, were in order. Every day that passed, our puppy has been one little bundle of joy. He learns fast, great with people, and just loves kids. I could never ask for a better puppy and if I buy another the first place I would look is with Kooskie Kennels!!"

Monte from Lakeview, Oregon..."My wife is thrilled with Cooper. If you ever need anyone to tell someone personally how professional, honest and pleasurable you are to deal with, just have them call me.  It was a great pleasure meeting you. "

Stephanie Fujii from El Segundo, California ..."I know it has taken us a while to write, but I was just looking at our beautiful Pearl (formerly "Snuggles") sleeping peacefully and thought this would be the perfect time of year for an update. I keep a watch on your website to check out the newest Pug additions, and am so glad to see when they are picked to go to their new homes.  Our Pearl came to us 2 years ago this December 28 and she has changed our lives and enriched them in so many ways. She's the head of the house, and is spoiled shamelessly by her entire family. She sleeps each night with my husband and I and still uses the pink blanket you sent in the crate when you shipped her. Since I live across the street from the school I teach at, her afternoon walk includes a trip to visit the kindergarten kids when they get out of school for the day. Pearl is their favorite playmate, and even though we have no small children at our house, it seems instinctive for her to be gentle and patient with little ones. Each month she goes to the groomer for her "spa day." They love her and let her walk around the shop when she's done. Of course, Pearl thinks the place is hers and can't quite understand why the people that take care of her feel the need to groom other dogs, too. She has wonderful friends in our neighborhood, both human and doggie, and enjoys visiting with them each day. She fancies herself a lap dog, even though she's a bit bigger than a Chihuahua! Everyday with Pearl is a blessing and I can't recall what our life was like before her.  From my family to yours, we wish you all the best for this wonderful season. Thank you for doing what you do. Have Merry Christmas and a health and Happy New Year!"

Jennifer from New York, New York..." I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the beautiful little girl we brought home last night.  She was happy and healthy when I picked her up from the airport.  In surprisingly good spirits after a long day of traveling!  Tess is a gorgeous, spunky, adventurous and affectionate Shih-Tzu puppy.  We have an English bulldog named Lola and a Pug named Ozzy at home already.  Ozzy quickly took the roll of big brother and Tess certainly approved because I found them sharing his bed last night!  Lola was a little more hesitant.  However, after a few hours, Lola figured out that having a little sister around might be fun!  Through the entire process Kooskie Kennels was more that accommodating.  From the time I chose our puppy on-line to her arrival, it was a total pleasure!  Not only did we receive a great puppy, who may I add, went on the wee-wee pad right away!  She has a great disposition and has immediately become a wonderful addition to our family."

Robin from Sacramento, California..."I just wanted to inform your future customers looking at Kooskie Kennels to take a look at all the customer comments you received.  The Breeder I spoke to was helpful, easy to work with, available to answer all question.  The breeder went beyond my expectation in helping me to find the pup I wanted.  I purchased a Shih Tzu, I wanted a boy, but black and white in color.  The breeder found exactly what I wanted.   Some breeders tell you this is what I have and you can take it or leave it.  They’re not helpful or respectful.  Bree went out of her way to help me with my new pup (Mugzy).  He is the joy I have been waiting for.  When I picked him up at the airport, I could not believe how attached he was to me.  When I took him in to the vet and the groomer, they told me he was very well cared for.  His paper work was in order, and his shots were up to date.  You cannot get it better than that.  I will be purchasing another one in the near future and referring her kennel as number 1. If you're looking for first class think of Kooskie Kennels before you get disappointed and end up with a bitter situation that’s non reversible or refundable."

Customer from North Ogden, Utah..." My family has absolutely fallen in love with our new Lhasa Apso puppy. She is so precious! I had looked everywhere in Utah for a Lhasa puppy and I was so excited to see her on this website that my brother-in-law had found on the internet. I was a little weary about buying a puppy off the internet , but they kept in touch on a regular basis and hand delivered her near my home. I thought that that was pretty neat. Now I am just loving this beautiful puppy (our new family member). She is so smart, she even has started scratching at the door when she needs to go potty or poo. She gets along great with our Five children. Even our littlest at eighteen months. She's very smart for a seven week old puppy. She also gets along great with our other dog a Dachshund that is a year old. I'm amazed every day at how smart she is and I would recommend Kooskie kennels to anyone that is in need of a new addition to their family."

Antoinette from Baton Rouge, Louisiana..."I just want to say "Thank You" so much for our Lhasa Apso puppy Porche.  Porche met our every expectation when she arrived  and we could tell right away, she was the right puppy for us. I was very pleased with the entire process of obtaining her and when the day finally came for her to join us in Baton Rouge, we could barely exit the airport as everyone wanted to hold or touch our puppy. We took Porche to the vet the day after her arrival where she made quite the impression and our vet was very impressed with her and applauded the care she obviously received from her breeders.  Porche is a beauty & a joy and we already love her so much!   Bree you were exceptional to work with and very patient as I asked many questions and made quite a few requests. We will definitely look to Kooskie Kennels should we decide to add another pup to our home. ;) "

Gretchen from Minnesota..."We instantly fell in love with the picture of our Lhasa Apso puppy on the Kooskie Kennels website, bought him that day, and haven't had a second thought since!  The staff at Kooskie was so helpful, kind, genuine and involved, it made purchasing our first puppy a breeze.  When Randy Moss got out of his kennel at the airport, he didn't stop wiggling with excitement the entire way home and he's been as entertaining every day since then.  He's a sweet, playful puppy who approaches everyone anxious to be pet, played with, rolled on his back, or kissed.  He also loves playing with other dogs - he rolls around with a neighbor Chihuahua puppy and bravely sniffs the Doberman in our building.  He's such a social little guy!  The vet gave him a "great puppy" seal of approval and we tell him everyday how perfect he is!  Thank you to Kooskie Kennels for bringing such a happy addition to our lives."

Nancy from Wesley Chapel, Florida...." I just would like to thank you for the puppy.  I just can't say how beautiful he is.  My kids just love him to death, my other Lhasa Apso who is 5 yrs. old, plays with him.  I was a little concern about that, knowing that she was in our family longer than he has, but they get along great.  Let me tell you, your company has given us the most beautiful and healthy pup there can be, there is no other ways to express how happy you guys made our family.  He is in great shape, I just took him to the Vets. last week, and he received his next set of shots, and did wonderful.  Even the Vet fell in love with him, he did so good at the Vets as well. Thank you so much, it was a pleasure doing business with you guys at Kooskie Kennels and 3 cheers for you guys.  Definitely will recommend you guys!!"

Aimee from Wyoming..." I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how well “Higgins” is doing. We have named him Snickers! Chocolate on the outside and Carmel on the inside Is how the kids came up with the name. He is a true pleasure to have around. I have owned 2 other dogs and he is by far the most well mannered loving dog our family has had. My husband does not like small dogs. The first day I had Snickers he called him fearless. When I had to leave town for some training I came home and the dog was allowed to sleep on the bed after his morning outing. I asked Darin about this because it has always been his rule that no dogs on the bed. He said, he is not hurting anything, he just lays there. I know that Snickers has won Darin over! He is so well mannered. He gets along with other dogs and children very well. We are so pleased with him that I have referred you to a couple of other people looking for dogs."

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